A Trusted Local Demolition Contractor

Interior demolition is the process where the interior of a building is taken apart while maintaining the outside structure. What’s being demolished depends on the job, which includes walls, finishes, partitions, equipment, furniture, pipes, and more. When it comes to interior demolition, Dash Demolition is the demolition contractor that will give you quality results and excellent workmanship. As a known demolition expert in the Dallas, TX area, we’ll make the process simple and quick for you.

Extensive Preparation Work

We will begin our work by sealing the work area to ensure that dust and other debris do not go to other areas of your property. We will take extra care to ensure that the other parts that are left in place will not be affected. We will make sure that our workers take all safety precautions that we have set. After that, we are ready to begin our work.

Consistently Excellent Results

As a professional demolition contractor, we pride ourselves on our interior demolition services. When it comes to interior demolition, no two projects are exactly the same. We have completed several demolition jobs over the years including offices, factories, warehouses, high-rise buildings, and more. Each interior demolition project that we undertake always brings its own unique and complex challenges, but in the end, we always make sure that we deliver the same excellent results. We have been doing this for over 5 years, and we always make sure that the process is quick, easy, and stress-free for our customers.

High-Quality Demolition Services

Our complete interior demolition service will leave you with an interior space that’s free of any columns, pipes, wiring, or anything else that you want to remove. No demolition work from us will be rushed or incomplete. We do not want to tarnish our reputation as a trusted demolition contractor, and that’s why we always pay strict attention to detail for every demolition job that we perform.

If you need your interior demolished, give Dash Demolition a call now at (972) 236-6316, or you can also visit us and discuss your project with us personally in Dallas, TX.