Interior Demolition vs Renovations

The question of demolishing versus remodeling is worth discussing because the cost, time, and efforts involved are quite different. You have to examine the pros and cons of both processes before making a final decision. When thinking about an interior demolition, you have to take into account the following factors:
Historical significance. If you are an owner of an old house and it has a great sentimental value for you and your family, maybe you will want to keep it and remodel it, instead of tearing it down. However, every project has its pros and cons. Think about them before you call reputable remodelers. Is your structure stable enough to sustain its weight?
Cost. Pricing involved in both projects is a crucial factor. There is no question about it. Even though, the cost for taking down your house will vary according to its size, location, age, etc., it is actually lower than you think. On the other hand, undertaking a renovation may sound like an inexpensive and simple procedure, but that’s not always the case. ‘Hidden’ and unexpected problems add to the overall price of your remodeling project and make it a serious financial investment.
Time. Time is always one of the most important factors. Complete tearing down of a building requires certain time for planning, obtaining the relevant permits, and site preparation. When it comes to remodeling, you will also need some time to make a layout, hire a professional remodeler, chose design and materials, etc.
Safety. Last but not least, safety and health hazards matter as well. If you intend to undertake a renovation of an old home, consider whether it was build with some hazardous materials. Are the foundations strong enough? For instance, if you plan to remodel your kitchen, can you get rid of the mold and mildew marks? Will your renovation remove all the allergens from your rooms? Or perhaps, demolishing your house is a better solution?
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